Jonathan Sibley

Jonathan Sibley coaches business leaders, executives, and management teams to greater effectiveness in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. Jonathan helps his clients to better understand how their performance compares to the expectations of their key constituencies, identify and overcome important blind-spots and obstacles to greater effectiveness, enhance and build on their strengths while finding strategies to compensate for and improve upon weaker areas, and improve key business relationships. Jonathan holds an MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France, an MSW from Columbia University, and a BA from Princeton University.


Individual and Organizational Change - Why is it so difficult?

Over and over again, we try to change – ourselves or the organizations we work in, only to see our efforts fall short of our goals. If we do manage to reach our goal, we see ourselves and our organizations slip back toward the way things used to be. Drawing on the work of Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey at Harvard University, as well as other researchers on change, this talk will explore obstacles to change and steps that we can take to create lasting change in ourselves and in organizations.



Overcoming Our Immunity to Change

In this workshop, participants will use Kegan and Lahey's process to identify a personal goal, identify what they are doing that gets in the way of achieving this goal, explore the worries, fears, beliefs, and assumptions that explain why they haven't achieved their goals, and learn how to explore and re-evaluate the assumptions that are getting in the way of progress.







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