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Pilar Hernández-Wolfe

Pilar Hernandez-Wolfe, Ph.D., Director of the Master's Program in Family Therapy of Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon, USA; supervisor and director of research of the Center of Family Services, Sommerset, New Jersey, USA; visiting professor of the Master's in Family, University Javeriana, Cali, Colombia. Author of numerous articles about domestic violence, trauma, resilience, supervision and social context, and family. Her book "Frontier Perspectives around Latinos, Latin Americans, and de-colonization: Re-thinking mental health" will be published in 2013.


The Other Face of Domestic Violence: Systemic Interventions with Abusers in the Context of Community Family Therapy

Working with male abusers requires advanced clinical abilities in order not to generate more risk in victims and promote change and responsibility. This workshop examines strategies for challenging the behavior of male abusers in heterosexual relationships. The participants will learn (a) criteria for evaluating the levels of risk and determining the possibility of treatment and the methodology; (b) the use of power and control, and (c) psycho-educational interventions.


The Vicarious Dimension of Trauma and Resilience: A Systemic Integration

This presentation deals with the dynamics of vicarious trauma and resilience when working with populations affected by post-traumatic stress. These dynamics are examined taking into account the social and cultural dimensions in clinical practice. This conceptual framework will provide theoretical and practical toolsfor dealing with the consequences of traumatic stress and promoting resilience at personal and organizational levels.