William Madsen

Bill Madsen is the founder and director of the Family-Centered Services Project. He provides international training and consultation regarding collaborative approaches for helping services and the development of institutional structures and organizational cultures that support more respectful and responsive ways of serving families. Bill has written numerous articles and is the author of Collaborative Therapy with Multi-Stressed Families (2nd Edition). He is currently working on a second book entitled, Collaborative Helping: A Practice Framework for Supportive Services, which is an effort to highlight a generic practice framework for helping in human services.


Collaborative Helping: A Practice Framework to Guide Everyday Helping

Across the world, community agencies are searching for practice frameworks that support strengths-based, collaborative partnerships that are culturally responsive and accountable to people served. This talk offers a simple map developed to help workers think their way through complex situations and guide constructive conversations with people served about challenging issues. It offers concrete examples and feedback from workers across many different contexts on the use of these maps.


Sustaining Collaborative Practice in the "Real" World

Many workers committed to collaborative practice face challenges pursuing these ideas.





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