Hilary Kennedy

Hilary Kennedy is a freelance chartered educational psychologist and national trainer and supervisor for the Association for Video Interaction Guidance ukTM (AVIGuk) working on projects around the UK including the Family Drug and Alcohol Court and safeguarding projects in London, NSPCC Neglect projects throughout the UK, and works supporting projects in the Czech Republic, Finland and Mexico. She is an honorary senior lecturer at University College London, an associate fellow of the British Psychological Society, and is involved in supporting research in the effectiveness of VIG as an intervention.


Addressing Trauma Through Strengthening Families: Video Interaction Guidance from the UK and USA to Mexico

Presenters: Hilary Kennedy, Jane Nestel-Patt, and Dr. Terri Pease



Parents whose emotional lives are dysregulated due to past and current trauma often struggle to create safe, attuned and responsive environments for their children, affecting children's own emotional regulation, learning and well-being. VIG, a research-informed, strengths-based family intervention used in the UK and US, and now in Mexico at Juconi, helps families under stress regulate their emotional responses to their children, so that family life becomes a source of joy, learning, nurturing and contentment. VIG also offers staff the joy of witnessing these changes, and organizations a new way of supporting staff and organizational growth. Videos will illustrate the use of VIG and the responses of parents, children, staff and administrators to this innovative and effective therapeutic model.





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