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Jane Nestel-Patt

Jane P. Nestel-Patt is President and CEO of SPIN®USA, Inc., the National Training Institute for SPIN Video Interaction Guidance® in the United States. Ms. Nestel-Patt has more than 35 years experience as a non-profit CEO, management consultant, trainer and educator. She was a high school teacher, Head Start Director and Executive Director of youth development and child welfare agencies in Vermont, California, and Massachusetts. For ten years, she also led the consulting firm: Management & Educational Resources Associates -- a management, organizational development and program planning consultancy specializing in the non-profit sector. As the firm's founder, Ms. Nestel-Patt gained broad recognition for her work helping leaders and organizations develop systems and strategies for organizational and programmatic effectiveness. Social justice, social change and empowering children, youth and families have been the driving forces behind her work for her entire career. She has a M.Ed. from Antioch University and a B.A. in English Literature from the University of California.


Addressing Trauma Through Strengthening Families: Video Interaction Guidance from the UK and USA to Mexico

Presenters: Hilary Kennedy, Jane Nestel-Patt, and Dr. Terri Pease


Parents whose emotional lives are dysregulated due to past and current trauma often struggle to create safe, attuned and responsive environments for their children, affecting children's own emotional regulation, learning and well-being. VIG, a research-informed, strengths-based family intervention used in the UK and US, and now in Mexico at Juconi, helps families under stress regulate their emotional responses to their children, so that family life becomes a source of joy, learning, nurturing and contentment. VIG also offers staff the joy of witnessing these changes, and organizations a new way of supporting staff and organizational growth. Videos will illustrate the use of VIG and the responses of parents, children, staff and administrators to this innovative and effective therapeutic model.