Joana Alegret

Joana Alegret. A psychiatrist, family therapist, teaching supervisor, consultant on child-juvenile contexts and on Social Services, Dr. Alegret worked as a psychiatrist in public child mental health teams from 1975 to 2008. She is the author of several articles and co-author of the books Adolescentes (Adolescents), El modelo sistémico ante la familia multiproblemática en Servicios Sociales (The systemic model for multi-problem families in Social Services), and El alumnado en situación de estrés emocional (Students in emotional stress situations). She has supervised Social Service teams in Aragon, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. At present she is doing this in three districts of Barcelona.

Workshop 1

What position to take towards attention deficit disorder, with or without hyperactivity?

ADD is rejected or spoken of with excesive haste, both with inadvisable consequences. Ideas will be offered so that people in contact with children can detect the problem, if that is the case, and minimize its impact. A typology of families of affected children will be proposed to guide the approach to the situation. A response will be suggested that enables an alliance with the family or the natural network of the child. Lines of work will be offered to connect with teachers, educators or other professionals involved.

Workshop 2

Conflicts of loyaty and their repercussions on children

Children often receive conflicting messages from two of their key people and also from professionals or volunteers in the social networks of the children, which lead to consequences in interventions. Ways to counteract the harmful effects of chronic conflicts of loyalty will be proposed, differerent settings will be presented and special emphasis will be given to the prevention of such conflicting messages from any of the people that take part in the daily routine of the child.





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