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John Copps

John Copps has worked in the UK charity sector since 2003, across NPC's research and consulting teams. He founded NPC's Well-being Measure, an online tool to measure young people's well-being, which launched in 2011. John has also provided consultancy for a number of international development organisations, including the STARS Foundation and Send a Cow. John is a regular blogger and has also contributed to pieces for BBC Radio and the Financial Times, among others. John sits on the governing body of a secondary school in south east London.


Measuring Children and Young People's Well-being: How to Prove NGOs' Soft Outcomes and What We Can Learn From Them

The workshop will tackle the thorny issue of measuring soft outcomes. How can NGOs demonstrate change in young people's resilience, emotional well-being and relationships? Using an approach developed for charities in the UK – NPC's Well-being Measure – the workshop will show how to quantify well-being and what we can learn from it, using examples. The workshop will debate what this means for NGOs and funders, and how it can be translated into practice.