Margarita Cabello Verdugo

Margarita Cabello Verdugo has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from UIC. She is a specialist in group management of Prenatal Attachment and Communication, a national and international speaker on Prenatal and Early Attachment. She is certified in Vimala Massage, REMI Association. Diploma in Timely Stimulation. She works in Works in Proyecto DEI.


Sowing Attachment, Harvesting Peace

Ponentes: Ana María Serrano Fernández y Margarita Cabello Verdugo


The findings of Neuroscience reveal to us the function of affect in the development of the brain of a baby. Affection is a condition of equilibrium, mental health, learning and development. The benefit of the affective link begins from pregnancy. The workshop seeks to raise awareness and provide tools to educational agents, to facilitate their work with families so they can offer support and containment to pregnant women, protect the foetus from "Toxic Stress" and act as preventive medicine against violence from the beginning of life.

Fundación Junto con los Niños de Puebla A.C.

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