Samantha Barocio Rocha

Samantha Barocio Rocha has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the. UNAM, in the High Academic Expectation Programme, with honours. She is a Certified Leader and an Official Representative of ScreamFree® in Mexico, a Trainer and Coordinator of the Certified Leaders Group in Mexico. She has studies in Narrative Therapy. She works in private practice as a Consultant and Trainer of parents. She teaches in several schools (public and private), among them the Division of Continuing Education at the Psychology Faculty of UNAM. She gives workshops and talks for psychologists, educators, social workers, as well as parents and general public.


Scream Free® Parenting: Promoting a Harmonious Home for Children


Scream free parenting sets out to calm down all the reactive responses driven by anxiety. It is called "Scream Free" because screams are the most common reaction. But there are also other reactions such as showing desperation, disconnecting from the situation or trying to ignore it, manipulating, overprotecting or simply giving up. Parents will discover that, by paying attention to themselves and how they behave, they can handle any situation that occurs with their children, paving the way for creating the harmonious family relations they have always wanted.

Fundación Junto con los Niños de Puebla A.C.

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