Ma. del Pilar Rivero Tovar

Ma. Del Pilar Rivero Tovar, M.T.F. Doctor in Education, Systemic Family Therapist and Child Psychotherapist, Dr. Rivero has training in strategies for overcoming trauma and raising resilience. She teaches on the BA in Hearing and Language Alterations, on the Specialization in Violence, and on the Master's in Child, Family and Couple Psychotherapy. She is an Adviser in the area of Early Childhood Education, Basic Education and Especial Education, and a national and international speaker on topics related to violence, participating as a workshop presenter in regional and national conferences on early childhood educationof the Early Childhood Education Network of the National Pedagogic University.


Tales of Hope: A narrative approach to deal with the effects of sexual abuse on children and their families

Presenters: Ma. Del Pilar Rivero Tovar and Celia María Flores Hernández

The main objective of this workshop is to offer anoption in therapeutic intervention that is simple, systematic, encouraging and respectful to deal with the negative effects of experiences of sexual abuse on children and their families. We propose doing an analysis starting from the proposed initial interview that explores the experience of sexual abuse, passing through the conversations, the reflections, the stories, the letters and games that are constructed as the therapeutic process advances, as well as the process of analyzing the sessions, that is, exploring this proposal of intervention in a detailed, flexible, perfectible way, adaptable to the needs and conditions of whoever wants to put it into practice.







Fundación Junto con los Niños de Puebla A.C.

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