María Isabel Alva Castro

Dr. María Isabel Alva Castro is a Psychologist and psychoanalyst, founder and executive president of Cuidarte, A.C. She has a PhD in clinical psychology from the ELEIA Centre. She obtained her bachelor's degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana, and a diploma in psychoanalytical psychotherapy and a master's degree in clinic psychology from UNAM. She is the author of a model, methodology and various didactic materials and games for emotional literacy, the promotion of good treatment and the prevention of maltreatment, abuse, and violence. She has contributed articles to various journals and publications, national and international, on topics such as childhood and sexuality.


Emotional Literacy Training Workshop


The workshop shows a way to achieve the development of emotional intelligence through emotional literacy training. With play methodology and different didactic resources five emotional competencies are worked on. Emotional literacy is considered resource for the prevention of unspecified psychosocial risks since emotional factors are involved in different problem situations, such as family and gender violence, and also the achievement of harmonious relationships.




Fundación Junto con los Niños de Puebla A.C.

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