Martha Cecilia Rendón Muciño

Martha Cecilia Rendón Muciño, graduated at the UPN. Since 2002 she has been a psychologist attending people that cause family violence, as well as those who have suffered sexual and violent crimes. She has designed and coordinated programmes attending victims of family violence. She participated in an Integral Attention and Protection System for Children, with different government offices, as well as civil associations, among them UNICEF. She is the author of a multimedia project called "You are brave, say what you feel", for the prevention of childhood sexual abuse. At present she is collaborating with Psychocartoon México in the development of technological tools that help to eradicate violence towards children.


Mum, Dad...I want to tell you something...

Digital Learning Objects for the Prevention and Management of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Presenters: Marisela Chávez Arriaga y Martha Cecilia Rendón Muciño

Childhood sexual abuse is a serious social problem that severely affects those children that suffer it, and it is necessary to develop innovative and effective mechanisms that help prevent it. This workshop will present the project called "Mum, Dad...I want to tell you something...", which is an example of the technological advances at the service of emotional health, because it is a series of digital learning objects (DLO), that are directed to parents. In this project, two cartoon characters (children), after experiencing an event at school, decide to talk to adults about things not talked about in families, but which should be.

Fundación Junto con los Niños de Puebla A.C.

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