Leticia Salceda García

Leticia Salceda García. For more than 20 years she has worked in private practice, 15 of them as an activist in favour of childhood against sexual abuse. She was the founder of the first national centres specialized in attending to child victims of sexual abuse. She collaborated in the writing of the book "Inocencia robada, aproximación histórica del abuso sexual en Aguascalientes" (Stolen Innocence, a Historical Approximation of Sexual Abuse in Aguascalientes). She is Founder and President of Pro Salud Mental A.C. and creator of the programme "NO PERMITAS", Unidos contra el Abuso Sexual Infantil (Don't Permit, United Against Childhood Sexual Abuse), given to more than 10,000 children. She has been a guest speaker in different national and international conferences in countries such as Argentina and the USA.


The "Don't Permit", United Against Childhood Sexual Abuse Programme

Presenters: Leticia Salceda García and Juan José Rodríguez Gutiérrez


The workshop consists of 7 stages: (1) presentation about childhood sexual abuse (powerpoint), (2) video about the Foundation Pro Salud Mental, (3) presentation of the theatre strategy and interaction with the participants, (4) presentation of the manual for prevention of childhood sexual abuse and participant involvement, (5) giving of the questionnaire to the participants, (6) writing up and presentation of results, and (7) question and answer session.





Fundación Junto con los Niños de Puebla A.C.

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