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Martha Espinoza

Martha Espinoza is a Clinical Psychologist with wide experience working with vulnerable children and families that live in extreme situations of interfamily violence in Guayaquil, Ecuador. She has experience in the training and professional development of those interested in field work with vulnerable children and families, as well as the strengthening of therapeutic interventions that organizations working with this type of population offer. She is currently in charge of The JUCONI-Ecuador Centre for Professional Development and Coinsultancy.


Safety Plans in Situations of Violence

Presenters: Martha Espinoza, Yessenia Vernaza Cuero, Emilio Roberto Carrillo Morales y Merli Rossana López Rodríguez

A safety plan is for emergency intervention to protect victims of violence immediately after the identification of a violent event. It is used to keep vulnerable people safe while therapeutic processes run their course, and in situations where it is not possible to provide them with alternative family or institutional accommodation. The workshop will present to participants protection strategies for immediately after a violent event has occurred, how to build a safety plan with the people affected, aimed at protection from and prevention of violent events, and how to create a safety plan that strengthens a therapeutic relationship with the victims of violence.