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Sergio Toxqui Miramontes

Sergio Toxqui Miramontes has a degree in Psychology. He has 15 years' experience working in JUCONI, as Assistant Educator of Parents in the Market Children Sub-programme, as Educator in charge of Orientation and Services for 6 to 12 year old children, as Educator in charge of Follow-up with Families, and, at present, as Family Therapist in the Market Children sub-programme. In JUCONI he has had training in: Sand-tray with Eliana Gil, Family Therapy with Janine Roberts, Brief Collaborative Family Therapy Based on Strengths for Children and Adolescents with Matthew D. Selekman, Family Evaluation with Emma Espejel, Traumatic Stress at the V World Congress on Traumatic Stress, and Video Interaction Guidance with Hilary Kennedy, Jane P. Nestel-Patt and Felicity de Zulueta.


Families, Therapy, and Turning Anger and Fights into Constructive Conflict

Techniques to turn conflict into learning possibilities (such as understanding the feelings behind anger, redirecting it, identifying problematic family triangles, reframing) will be presented. We will also examine our conflict styles as helping professionals and how those styles may inform and/or limit how we work with confrontation and hostility in client families. There will be time to look at how to apply these ideas in your work setting.