Sara Clara Sánchez

Sara Clara Sánchez was trained as a Social Worker, and she has been a member of the JUCONI Street Children sub-programme team since July 1999. From the moment she joined JUCONI she has attended to the families of street children. She has worked with the team in Casa de Jóvenes (Young Men's home) and has actively participated in the construction of the JUCONI model of attention to families. Her main work is to reduce violent forms of interaction in families in order to achieve family reintegration.


Families, Therapy, and Turning Anger and Fights into Constructive Conflict

Techniques to turn conflict into learning possibilities (such as understanding the feelings behind anger, redirecting it, identifying problematic family triangles, reframing) will be presented. We will also examine our conflict styles as helping professionals and how those styles may inform and/or limit how we work with confrontation and hostility in client families. There will be time to look at how to apply these ideas in your work setting.

Fundación Junto con los Niños de Puebla A.C.

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