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Antonia Chávez Zamora

Antonia Chávez Zamora is a Professional Technician in Social Work. She has been working in JUCONI for 17 years, during which time she has held several posts. She is currently Coordinator of the Attention to Market Children sub-programme. In JUCONI she has had training in Sand-tray with Eliana Gil, Family Therapy with Janine Roberts, Brief Collaborative Family Therapy Based on Strengths for Children and Adolescents with Matthew D. Selekman, Video Interaction Guidance with Hilary Kennedy, Jane P. Nestel-Patt and Felicity de Zulueta, and she participated in the V World Congress on Traumatic Stress.


Creating the Attachment Relationship that Leads to Empathy Work

Relationships are the reflection of our early interactions with our caretakers and they mark the way we face problems and adversity throughout our life. In JUCONI Mexico we consider that the healing of trauma begins with the healing of relationships. In the same way, how our first interaction with a family develops will mark the whole therapeutic process. In this workshop we will show the process followed in the first session with a family, beginning the therapeutic work. We will deal with the main characteristics needed to be able to create empathy with the family and initiate a relationship of strong attachment.